Why YOU should care about NK Village Green Wind Turbine

The NK Village Green Wind Turbine will be located about 3/4 of a mile from MLE.  So why should you care that there is a 427 foot tall Wind Turbine planned for that Neighborhood?

The reason is clearly visible looking East at the intersection of Autumn and Laurel Ridge.  If you look down the hill you can see less than a third of the construction crane being used to build the rail station poking above our neighborhood tree line.  That is almost the same distance and view that would be seen if the Wind Turbine was there — Except the Wind Turbine is FANTASTICALLY larger.

How high is the crane in the photo?  If the boom could be put straight up in the sky, it would be 213 feet tall to the tip.  However, you don’t operate a crane that way.  Today the crane was set to a 50 degree angle, which puts the top at 163 feet.  Coincidentally this is almost exactly how tall windmill at New England Tech is (157 feet actually).

If built, the VG Wind Turbine is going to be 2.6 times that tall.

In the photo below, approximately 50 vertical feet of the crane is visible above the tree line.  The other 113 feet is hidden by the trees.  The VG Wind Turbine is 427 feet tall.  So you have to imagine something that is another 260 feet taller than the tip of the crane, or more than six times as much crane poking above the trees. That is the approximate size of the windmill that has been added into the image.

View of V100 from corner of Autumn Dr and Laurel Ridge LN

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