Urgent — Planning Commission Meeting January 4th, 2011

NK passed a new Wind Ordinance this September that makes it very simply to install huge industrial power plants right in our neighborhoods.  One has already been approved at the Village Green off of Ten Rod Road.  Another is in front of the Planning Commission seeking approval.  This 400+ foot tall 154,300 pound industrial power plant is proposed to be located on the Stamp Farm 250 feet away from the road and homes off of Route 2 near Schartner’s Farm.

Incredibly, the new Wind Ordinance only requires a 250 foot setback for the Stamp proposal which uses a turbine that has been shown to toss ice over 750 feet and has tossed broken turbine blades up to 1,640 feet.  Most states require setbacks of at least the total system height or several times that figure. European countries with far more experience require setbacks of 3,300 feet.  But NK’s current ordinance ignored state and government sponsored surveys and studies, and allows a setback that is just 15% of the minimum recommendation to ensure public safety.

If you were concerned about the development of Rolling Greens understand that this is FAR worse.  Noise, Safety Hazards, and a 40 story tall structure that will be visible for miles around is going to negatively impact the value of 300-400 homes and put a thousand people or more in harm’s way.

These industrial power plants were designed to be installed in rural areas — the sort of locations that have homes spaced miles apart, not 250 feet away.  They are simply not intended to be installed in dense residential neighborhoods.  While we all want to be “green”, these industrial power plants are all about generating huge profits for the owner and do nothing to improve the quality of life in North Kingstown.

More details will follow, including a location for the meeting and interesting reading concerning blade failures, tower collapse, noise and light pollution.  Please carve out time around 7 PM January 4th to attend this most important meeting.  If approved, homes within 2 miles might see valuation losses of $80,000 to $160,000 or more.  Homes in the MLE and Wickford Highlands developments are less than a mile away!!!

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